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After the drastic attack of Phailin Cyclone last year, Cyclone “Hud Hud” is roaring towards the coasts of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa with an enormous 180 – 200 km/hr speed. It will strike Orissa and Andhra Pradesh by 5:30 in the morning. The Central and State governments are on their toes for help. Indian Army personnel also have been kept ready in Visakhapatnam, whereas the Eastern Naval Command has made sure of four ships on stand-by, equipped with rescue equipments and emergency relief materials.

There are Six aircrafts on standby at the Naval Air Station INS Dega to undertake reconnaissance, rescue, casualty evacuation and air drop of relief materials.

This time there are lots of preparations done for safety of people. So don’t panic. Stay calm and Call for Help!

Here are few Graphical representations of HUD HUD taken from and

HUD HUD Cyclone!


Few Precautions that can be taken before the hit:

  • Store excess of Drinking Water in Cans or Drums. The amount should be useful for a use of 2 days minimum.
  • Fill up your Over Head Water Tanks to full. And also try storing water in Drums and buckets.
  • Buy fruits and vegetables in advance for minimum 2 days. Try buying fruits and vegetables which can stay longer without refrigerating. For example:- In Vegetables you can buy; Potatoes, Onions, Cabbage, et cetera.

    – In Fruits : Try storing Bananas and Apples et cetera

  • For people who have UPS/Inverters installed in their home; make sure you install low voltage bulbs / CFL’s / LED Lights. This would save more of your Battery charge which would in turn last longer.
  • If you find that the Cyclone’s effect is big, try switching off your Electricity Mains. This may save fire accidents at homes.
  • Try storing Kerosene Oil and some other fuel at homes. Even storing few litres of Petrol would do no harm.
  • Keep your Mobile Phones charged. Try using SMS services the most and reduce calling.
  • Have basic utility things at hand. For example: Matches Box, Candles, Torch Light, Lantern.
  • Keep EMERGENCY phone numbers ready.
  • Be in contact with your relatives, family members, dear ones.
  • close all windows and doors. Fasten glass windows and doors with care.
  • Do not Panic and run, instead try staying calm and crawling on the ground and moving to sheds or homes of you are outside.
  • Try not to be on roads or any other place where you feel the affect would be more.
  • People Living in apartments, buildings, studios, try not using the LIFT. As it may stop if the power shuts down.
    People living on the topmost floors try to shift to the lowest floors possible.
  • If possible try to evacuate the place and move to a safer place ASAP.

EMERGENCY NUMBERS / Help Line Numbers:

  • 011-26107953
  • 09711077372
  • 09827111018
  • 09424208484
  • MHA control room for “HUD HUD” number : 011-23093563; 011-2309356
  • Airtel People can call “1979” to know the location of their family and friends.


One person who has sacrificed his happiness for mine, is my dad but always will be my #BFF

It’s always a pleasure to watch Michael Jackson to dance and perform. And thanks to the engineers and billboard awards 2014 to bring him to life again by his holographic performance.
To watch the video click on the link below.


Enjoy watching.

Veg Hot Bhel Curry


  1. Puffed Rice
  2. Green chilli Sauce
  3. Red Chilli Sauce
  4. Tamarind Sauce
  5. Onions
  6. Mushrooms (preferably japanese bunapi shimeji mushrooms)
  7. Cauliflower

  8. Sesame Oil


1) Prepare a mushroom:

  • Take a frying pan, heat it medium.
  • spread some sesame oil on it.
  • put the chopped mushrooms in the pan,
  • add salt, turmeric, red chilli powder and some vinegar.
  • just see that the flavours are mixed.

2) Prepare the Cauliflower:

  • Take a frying pan, heat it medium.
  • spread some sesame oil on it.
  • put the chopped cauliflower in the pan,
  • add salt, turmeric, red chilli powder and some vinegar.
  • just see that the flavours are mixed.
  • See that the cauliflower turns golden brown.

3) Bhel preparation:

  • In a bowl, pour the red chilli sauce, green chilli sauce and the Tamarind sauce and mix well
  • Now pour the puffed rice and mix well.
  • Finely chop onions and mix in the mixture.
  • Now also throw in some cauliflower curry and mushroom curry prepared earlier.
  • remember, that the curries should be hot not cold.
  • Not mix every ingredient well.
  • Serve with Basil or mint or Coriander leaves on top.

Veg Hot Bhel Curry is ready!

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  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Blackberry Jelly


  1. Take the bread, preferably wheat bread, and apply generous amount of butter on one side.
  2. Now grill the bread. You can use a toaster for convenience.
  3. Remember not to grill it too dark.
  4. Keep the crispness and the soft centre alive in the bread.
  5. Now apply blackberry jelly on one side of the bread. And make jelly sandwiches.
  6. Make sure the bread is hot.
  7. In the meantime warm the milk.
  8. Whilst the milk gets warm, cut the blackberry jelly sandwiches into small squares.
  9. Take a bowl and pour milk and mix some of the blackberry jelly into it.
  10. Mix until the color of the milk turn a bit bluish.
  11. Now its time to dip all the small squares of blackberry sandwiches into the warm milk.
  12. Thats it. Time for you to eat!
Beware of the consequences!

Beware of the consequences!

Blue Sandpiper

By now the children are all back to school across the country.


They’re getting settled in their new classes with new teachers, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. There will be new challenges as they overcome the summer brain drain and start filling their minds with exciting new lessons.

A fun way of re-enforcing their newly acquired reading skills on the week-ends are digital book apps. The multi sensory experience brings the reader into the story and soon they’ll be begging for more. This is music to any parent’s ears because let’s face it, they’re so many distractions these days that reading isn’t always their first choice.

I had this experience with my reluctant reader and it inspired me to dive into the magical world of digital book apps.


The app store and Google play is flooded with apps so it’s sometimes difficult for parents to know where to start…

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Women’s World!

Pravallika Achyuthuni's blog

It was suggested to me by one of my lecturers to start an essay with a stat. So here it is…The female sex ratio in India has gone up in the last decade i.e from 2001-2011.It was 933 in 2001 while it is 940 in 2011( though not a significant increase!!). Guess what is the reason for this?? Do you think this has something to do with the Govt. schemes for eradicating female foeticide? If you said so, then I am sorry to say this, but you have loads of things to know. The reason for this is that the life expectancy of women has increased and nothing else! In fact, the child sex ratio(in the age group 0–6 years) in India has dropped to 914 females against 1,000 males – the lowest since Independence – in the provisional 2011 Census report. The ratio has declined from 927…

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I too have to breathe !!

Birds tweeting, Air spreading its silence, Sun lighting… was all once upon a time, now a days we don’t have anything such as Fresh air to breathe, nor is there any clean water left in the cities.This is all because of the negligence of the people and mainly because of the “no time” fashion going on.

Clean Hyderabad

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Every second person says, “I have no time to look after the city, If needed I will pay you the amount and you take care of the cleanliness and whatsoever but don’t ask me to get involved in that dirty work.”

Yes, that is true now a days without money there is no work which can be done but the same work cannot be completed unless there is humanity and willness to do. If everyone just pay and no one comes forward to even clean their own house’s garbage and blame the government for the stinking of the Pearl City Hyderabad, say whose mistake is it? Government’s or ours? I must say it’s neither of them. We must blame the time and fashion which runs out so fast and quick that man forgets what he should do and what he should depend on. Rather he does what he is dependent on and waits for his work. Which is a total waste.

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Why am I writing all this matter is because of the immense increase in the pollution level in Hyderabad. Especially near the working areas and that day is not far when global warming will not be just patches rather we will have “Global Boiling.” The smoke, gases exerted by the vehicles are so harmful that there effect on the body is double  than smoking a cigarette. The gases gush through every opening in the body and skin of the body making it unable to breathe which turns the skin dark and pale. Further, not only the skin it is also the person itself.


Personal Experience

Daily dreaming about a blue lake and a Buddha Statue in the centre with speed boats here and there. Yes, this could be the dream Hussain Sagar or the TankBund Lake. But I ride through some greenish algae, plastic bags filled Lake where the Buddha standing in the centre cries out of pain asking for fresh air. That is the Present Hussain Sagar (TankBund Lake). Riding on my Activa, I daily travel through all that stuff loaded with heavy metal dose of pollution. My destination Lakdi-ka-pul, Saifabad. I must admit, anyone, literally anyone can fly away with the amount of pollution there. I am just not blaming that only place, even Hitech City(once my destination) is the same, but due to tree plantations we do not feel the push comparatively. Due to the dirty air everywhere there are breathing problems, Headaches, Red Eyes, Hair Fall, Skin damage, etc. There are also times when I felt dizzy and was about to have an accident but controlled myself. Stopped my vehicle aside, washed my face, rested for a while and then went back home.

The above mentioned symptoms can be seen in every second person riding a bike or travelling. If this is the case with people in pollution just for few minutes then what about the Police men who control the traffic from morning to evening.

According to the Integrated Environmental Strategies Program, Washington DC, USA the following are the past, present and future predictions:


I will not type any ideas or solutions for this slowly growing menace, as I follow the rules and switch of the my vehicle when at the traffic signal. I want some creative solutions from you all.

“This should not only be an eye opener to the Hyderabadi’s but also others because cleanliness from within is necessary not the outwards.”

Help reduce the pollution. Save the country, Save yourself.


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