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Cyclone “HUD HUD”. Precautions to be taken:

Posted on: October 11, 2014

After the drastic attack of Phailin Cyclone last year, Cyclone “Hud Hud” is roaring towards the coasts of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa with an enormous 180 – 200 km/hr speed. It will strike Orissa and Andhra Pradesh by 5:30 in the morning. The Central and State governments are on their toes for help. Indian Army personnel also have been kept ready in Visakhapatnam, whereas the Eastern Naval Command has made sure of four ships on stand-by, equipped with rescue equipments and emergency relief materials.

There are Six aircrafts on standby at the Naval Air Station INS Dega to undertake reconnaissance, rescue, casualty evacuation and air drop of relief materials.

This time there are lots of preparations done for safety of people. So don’t panic. Stay calm and Call for Help!

Here are few Graphical representations of HUD HUD taken from and

HUD HUD Cyclone!


Few Precautions that can be taken before the hit:

  • Store excess of Drinking Water in Cans or Drums. The amount should be useful for a use of 2 days minimum.
  • Fill up your Over Head Water Tanks to full. And also try storing water in Drums and buckets.
  • Buy fruits and vegetables in advance for minimum 2 days. Try buying fruits and vegetables which can stay longer without refrigerating. For example:- In Vegetables you can buy; Potatoes, Onions, Cabbage, et cetera.

    – In Fruits : Try storing Bananas and Apples et cetera

  • For people who have UPS/Inverters installed in their home; make sure you install low voltage bulbs / CFL’s / LED Lights. This would save more of your Battery charge which would in turn last longer.
  • If you find that the Cyclone’s effect is big, try switching off your Electricity Mains. This may save fire accidents at homes.
  • Try storing Kerosene Oil and some other fuel at homes. Even storing few litres of Petrol would do no harm.
  • Keep your Mobile Phones charged. Try using SMS services the most and reduce calling.
  • Have basic utility things at hand. For example: Matches Box, Candles, Torch Light, Lantern.
  • Keep EMERGENCY phone numbers ready.
  • Be in contact with your relatives, family members, dear ones.
  • close all windows and doors. Fasten glass windows and doors with care.
  • Do not Panic and run, instead try staying calm and crawling on the ground and moving to sheds or homes of you are outside.
  • Try not to be on roads or any other place where you feel the affect would be more.
  • People Living in apartments, buildings, studios, try not using the LIFT. As it may stop if the power shuts down.
    People living on the topmost floors try to shift to the lowest floors possible.
  • If possible try to evacuate the place and move to a safer place ASAP.

EMERGENCY NUMBERS / Help Line Numbers:

  • 011-26107953
  • 09711077372
  • 09827111018
  • 09424208484
  • MHA control room for “HUD HUD” number : 011-23093563; 011-2309356
  • Airtel People can call “1979” to know the location of their family and friends.

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