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Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #7 – Review

Posted on: March 5, 2012

Weekly Comic Book Review

By: Jonathan Hickman (writer), Esad Ribic (artist), Dean White (color artist)

The Story: A humbled Nick Fury learns to say, “Please.”

The Review: At long last, we’ve reached the point in the story where Jonathan Hickman has decided to let us in on what’s been going on over in the South East Asian Republic (SEAR). Until now, all the action involving this country has been relegated to Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye, but that hasn’t prevented a steady trickle of contextless bits of information to makes its way into Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates. In TheUltimates, we’ve been treated to teases like: there’s a rebellion in the SEAR…the SEAR scientists have developed a super-human serum…SEAR is now called Tian and ruled by two guys with basically the same name…oh, and there are no more mutants in the world…don’t you wish you had read Hawkeye? No, Ultimate Comics, and…

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